MATEŞ, the only producer of aircraft refuelling vehicles in Turkey, has been serving for the aviation industry for 25 years. A family business which dates back to 1995, MATEŞ have had co-operation with the market leading companies such as Parker Velcon, Isoil, Elaflex, Alfons Haar, Niehueser, Carter, Parker, FAUDI. With the experience over 25 years in the market, MATEŞ is continuing to provide high-tech solutions for its customers.

ISO 9001:2000 certificated MATEŞ, designs and produces aircraft and helicopter refuellers, hydrant dispensers, hydrant pit cleaners, fixed and mobile filtration units. The refuelling vehicles are suitable for servicing helicopters and aircrafts, and are available in various capacities from 4,000 up to 85,000 liters. These units have flow rates up to 4.000 L/min.
Its genuine designs, reliability and experience lead MATEŞ to create a strong trademark in aviation market. MATEŞ’s ability to make tailor made vehicles which addresses all needs of customers, and its devotion to safety in refuelling is the key of all company operations. In MATEŞ factory each unit is produced according to international civil and military standards. To simulate real time fuelling operations, we have built a test rig in our factory for both vehicle testing and training purposes. Training is given to our customers by our experienced team to use the complex fuelling equipment safely and efficiently. The service and repair of aircraft refuelling vehicles are provided by the service team and specialists in our company.

For the last years our vehicles are at service around the world. Generalized from South Africa to all the way to Europe .This diversity allowed us to gather enough experience over 25 years to create high-standart vehicles to meet all customer quality expectations . To see the scope of our Projects, you can check our reference list which includes most known of our projects.

MATEŞ experienced sales team is always ready to supply all spare parts to customers and waiting for your call.

Registration Number :  Ankara Ticaret Sicil Memurluğu 164795



Committed Capital: 2.400,000,-TL

Tax Number: 0613026599800010