Regulations following NFPA 407
Equipment Standards Include
IATA/JIG, EN 12312/5

With additional safety features MATEŞ Hydrant Dispensers can fuel from Hydrant System to wide range of Aircrafts.

Aircraft Refuelling / Hydrant Dispenser 4000 LPM

Fuelling Performance: 

Via. Underwing Reel Hose: Up to max. 1200 liter per minute 

Via. Deck hoses: Up to max. 4000 liter per minute

  • Elevating platform up to 4,6m.
  • Wing-Wand Interlocks
  • Underwing refuelling via reel hose     
  • Scissor type Hydraulic drive elevating platform
  • Underwing refuelling via deck hose   
  • Hydraulic hose reel drive system     
  • Electronic meter system 
  • Closed circuit sampling system     
  • Pipes of flow system: stainless steel / aluminum (optional )
  • Drive-away interlock system     
  • Deadman control system     
  • Hydrant pressure control system
  • Hydraulic stabilizers     
  • Hydrant coupler hydraulic lift system
  • Maintenance free balanced pantograph